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Any way to get to water level (EFSG) from Shoemaker Canyon?

I checked out Shoemaker Canyon (Cold war tunnels) today and am wondering if anyone has found a way down to the EF San Gabriel from the trail?

After the second tunnel, the trail gets a bit sparse and I was interested in running, not bushwhacking, so I didn't go too much further.

It doesn't look promising, but if anyone has knowledge of making a loop hike by coming out the Bridge to Nowhere trail, it would be cool to hear.

You can see how far I got here

The short answer is no.
The longer answer is you could make it down, but it would be miserable. A lot of loose soil...I mean even if you got me within 200ft of the East Fork via the drainage south of Swan Rock, I wouldnt do that last 200ft if I could avoid it. Its just the kind of place where you take a step down and slide 3ft into a patch of Yucca. It is not X-C for humans lol. Even taking the connector road from Shoemaker downstream to Heaton is asking a lot....but at least that one could be restored.

Ready for a massive link?

I've done that a few times. It's not as far north as where you went. Forum Index -> General Discussion
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