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On Wednesday, I drove to Los Padres National Forest to bag two more peaks on my list. I met my usual crazy, wild, Wednesday group at the corner of Cuddy Valley Rd & Tecuya Mtn Rd 9N22.

We drove 5.5 miles to the trailhead of Antimony Pk. Warning! You definitely need an SUV for this road. It's not as bad as the Holy Jim Road but be prepared for a bumpy ride.

The well-defined trail starts descending for 700ft  then you continue onto a flat trail for about 1.5 miles with lots of shady trees.

As soon as you pass the gate and hike around the bend you get an awesome first view of Antimony Peak and immediately start to climb up the steep switchbacks for a little over 800 ft.

Antimony Peak 6848'

Beginning of exposed switchbacks.

There are a couple of rock falls along the path.

Finally you come to a saddle with an ascent of a couple hundred feet below the summit.

Whooohoooo! A benchmark and a register!

I passed some cool rocks on the ascent that I wanted to climb after bagging this peak.

Views  from the summit.

Descending back the way we came up was a bit exhausting, with a few ups and downs. Nevertheless we piled into our cars and drove back down the road 3.5 miles and parked at the trailhead of Escapula Peak.

Another short but sweet peak with a gradual ascent of almost 900ft. Shady trees along the way provided comfort on a hot day.

Escapula Pk summit 7087'

Whoooohooo, found the register!

Overall, it was a great day. Total mileage between both peaks was less than 10 with 2300 ft of elevation gain. Although, you pass Escapula Pk first on the drive up to Antimony (with Antimony being lower), it's a very steep ascent but feels like you're climbing a lot higher.  I'm so happy we hit Escapula on the way back because it was an easier climb after an exhausting hot day.

Looks like Bigfoot country.

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