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Another desert lion

If she was looking for water, she chose the wrong place.
We'll see if the Tehachapi Mountains are better for her.

Good job!!!

She looks pretty healthy, if that can be judged from the photo.  Techachapi mtns should be much better.  Nobody likes Rosamond.   Laughing

Thanks for taking care of her.

Pretty kitty. Look at those paws.

She was healthy looking, and not lactating. I couldn't find one tick or flea. The slightly matted look on some of her fur is from squirting her down out of the tree with a garden hose after being confident the drug was going to work.
Good timing. I was just summoned to help teach the urban wildlife response class in Sacramento next week. Students like fresh stories with happy endings.
CM - I was going to get Seth a blood sample for his DNA thing but when I finally found a good vein, the reversal drug worked just a little bit too fast to stick around. Shocked Forum Index -> Flora & Fauna & Fungi
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