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Angeles Crest Highway Open?

Is it open past Vincent Gap? ANF Facebook page said it was going to open, but CalTrans shows it as still closed.

Looking to head up to Little Jimmy next Friday to share a little trail magic with some PCTers.

Does "past Vincent Gap" mean West of there? If so, then yeah, it's open I cycled between Islip Saddle and Vincent Gap last weekend, and there was no indication that anything was closed anywhere around there.

Access to Little Jimmy Via Angeles Crest

The gate at the 39 junction was open last week.  I'm assuming you're parking in that spot anyway and taking the PCT to Little Jimmy. The parking area was open with restrooms and plenty of parking on a Sunday Afternoon. The campground was 3/4 full- surprising to me on a Sunday Night this early in the season.

Not sure if this weekend's snow brought anything. There were still some patches of snow last weekend, but nothing too difficult to safely navigate through to Little Jimmy.

I did run into a couple who tried the approach from Baden Powell and said they had to turn back because of treacherous snow in a select places on the trail.

Sorry, I should have specified. I did mean West of Vincent Gap. I'm coming in from the Wrightwood side.


Re: Angeles Crest Highway Open?

robow8 wrote:
Looking to head up to Little Jimmy next Friday to share a little trail magic with some PCTers.

I imagine they'll have the snow off the road by Friday. But you will probably see lingering snow at Little Jimmy. The Crest above Crystal Lake got a good covering. I can see it from Monterey Park. Forum Index -> News & Conditions
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