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Andrew Skurka on Backcountry Navigation

Andrew Skurka has been writing a series on backcountry navigation.  I generally like his perspective and writing style.  And it's tough to argue with his level of experience.  He's got the first three posts up with more to come.  I'll update as he posts.

Part I -- Equipment.
Part II -- Skills.
Part III -- Paying attention.
Part IV -- Anticipating.
Part V -- Extrapolating.


Re: Andrew Skurka on Backcountry Navigation

Hikin_Jim wrote:
 And it's tough to argue with his level of experience.

Oh, you can get an argument there if you want Very Happy
Ive been thinking of writing something myself, with the input of others.
The major roadblock has always been that navigation is an art, not a science.

From reading this article, I would say he wants more potential clients to be comfortable signing up for his guided trips. I dont have a problem with it as popular society portrays off-trail as something for the mentally ill. But a useful guide for navigation?...nope.

Not that he meant for people to read a few articles and then head off into the woods. In that sense he is 1000X better than Bear Grylls.

He's a little light on the details, at least thus far.  More of an outline and the reader then needs to go fill in the blanks.  For example, he talks about four types of bearings but doesn't go into a) what they are or b) how to do them.

I've been thinking of doing something too.  But it's a lot to cover.


Thanks for posting the link HJ. Yes, the guy is a marketing machine but is a hell of a walking machine too. I exchanged a few emails with him quite a few years ago about his gear lists, nice guy.

Not much to say about his navigation pages. On the other hand, I found the info at this website fun to read...

I'll have to check out his stuff.

Blake Miller has been writing a lot of good stuff for Seattle Backpacker's Magazine.


Awesome. Looking forwards to the next installments. Forum Index -> General Discussion
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