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Ancient bristlecone forest + bonus 9-4

went up north early in preparation for the big one!
But while i was in the area i decided to hike a natural wonder that i have been trying to plan since early this year. So i headed to the Methusela grove. With all the 4000+ year old bristlecone trees. There are 3 trails in this area. one with some old mines n stuff! so i made an early dusk hike!
The place is under construction! It looks liek they are adding a picnic area and a new visitor center.

6miles 1200feet gain

A few of the old men!

a Lookout

a bistlecone


Later on that day when i finished this hike. I met up with Ze and he has this Excellent idea to get a short hike in at altitude in order to acclimate for "the big one".....
He has this hike that goes to Kearsarge peak......
so it was on to 12,500 feet
6.5 miles
3700 feet gain

Independence peak

an old shelter near the summit

golden trout lakes


Razz  Razz

That is a neat area. I wandered around the patriarch grove last weekend. The drive sucks, but its worth it.

Awesome pics.

Excellent pix - totally on my "to do" list.  Man, I wish I could go today.

Never been there, but I think the "new" visitors cneter is rebuilding the old one that some arsonist burned down.  IIRC he's got some mental issues and a connected family in Mammoth.

NICE.  Oh (yawn), just a 12,000+ warm up hike.   Laughing Forum Index -> California
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