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altitude mask

Thinking about this. Anyone have any input or experience?  

I've used diamox and watch my nutrition closely, but still have elevation issues probably 4/5 times I'm at least 6,000.' I'm wondering if using one of these regularly may help.

Dunno.  My gut says it's of dubious value.  I wouldn't buy one unless there were some documented study on it.  It might restrict air flow, but the air that flows in will still have the same density/pressure that it normally would.


I considered getting one to train for Whitney, but after reading some articles on it, decided it would not help that much.  As Jim mentioned, less air flow is not exactly the same thing as lower density air, and doesn't have the same effect on your physiology.

A vacuum chamber can do what you want, but I don't know where you would find one for training.

Similar devices have been used for decades; there was one developed for distance runners right after the the Mexico City Olympics, but it disappeared pretty quickly. And if you're only using it for an hour a day at sea level, then spending the other 23 hours without it, how really effective it would be in adapting your body to long term exposure to high altitude?  I'll bet you could get the same effect doing interval training (anerobic conditioning). like middle distance runner do.
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Mike P wrote:


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