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Alone time climbing action - Oct 6

I've started a blog to record my thoughts and adventures. The writing process is therapeutic, and having a journal allows me to read critical thoughts from the past that would otherwise be lost to time.

Here's today's entry:

The pleasant cool weather and clouds are on their way out. Enjoy it while it's here.  Cool

Kuddos on the blog Taco! I really enjoy reading it. Keep up the good work!

I also want to give you praise on maintaining this discussion board over the years. It is a great resource and still a fun read even though I shamefully admit that I do not participate as much as I should .  Rolling Eyes

Thanks again! ~~For he's a jolly good fellow!!

"If I fall in the first crux and the protection doesn't hold, I will go to the hospital. I'll give it a try."

haha good attitude.
Uncle Rico

Dig it.


Nice blog. I am looking forward to reading more.

"Affordable adventure."

Yeah, I hear you. Right now I am looking at a 500 mile drive, eating in restaurants, and sleeping in motels to get to the nearest place with any significant uphill hiking - Pine Mountain, Georgia. The cost to get back to the Sierra or Death Valley is steep when air tickets and car rental are added in. Ouch!

Hanks guys, you're too nice. You guys don't act like little kids so it doesn't take much to keep this forum running.

Richard, what are you doing there to get your outdoorsyness taken care of?


Taco wrote:
Richard, what are you doing there to get your outdoorsyness taken care of?

During the summer, we have a two hours window to hike the local parks: starting at 8AM when they open until 10AM when the heat and humidity become unbearable. Soon, the weather will become cooler and drier allowing us to venture out for longer hours and to more distant areas. The state is not without its own beauty. I have stuck a bunch of pictures from different hikes under this folder:

It just that it is so fucking flat. I don't know how much uphill fitness I can keep on the stairmaster, but I'm trying.

Only thing I could think of would be to kayak around to get more in. Granted there aren't hills but you'll at least get so,e extra muscle groups or whatever going, and you could explore more places and see more animoz and stuff. Forum Index -> San Gabriels
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