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Agua Tibia Loop

Last week I decided to try this one.  I had been the length of the Dripping Springs Trail before (7 mi) but the rest was new to me.  The entire loop is supposed to be between 19 and 20 miles, but you have to park your car .4 mi away so it is more like 20.5 mi.  Unfortunately no pictures this time.  From the Dripping Springs parking area you head up the Dripping Springs Trail.  The trail ascends over two ridges before reaching the ascent to Agua Tibia ridge.  The next part of the hike on the Magee-Palomar trail involves a bit of scrambling over under and around fallen trees and poodle dog.  While the trail is not really maintained, it is still a nice trail and you can make good time on it.  It alternates between views of San Jacinto and Gorgonio and of Palomar and the ocean.  At mile 10 you reach the junction with the Cucta trail and the Wild Horse trail.  The Wild horse trail goes around Wild Horse Mountain and while other trip reports described it as relatively boring, I found it interesting and fun.  The loop will take you through five eco-systems.

20.5 mi, 4,100' of elevation gain, 7.5 hours


That's a very big loop. Did you hit Agua Tibia on the way? I remember the use trail being pretty overgrown. I haven't been on the upper part of the Wild Horse trail but it sounds like the trail is still in good shape.

Were there any flies? I had to turn around up there once because the flies were serious about eating human flesh.

Agua Tibia Loop

The path to the summit of Agua Tibia was completely overgrown and indistinct. I would have had to bushwack and there was enough poodle-dog that i decided against it.  

The Wild Horse trail is in very good shape.  The only part of the loop that is not is the Palomar Magee trail. Forum Index -> Other SoCal Ranges
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