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Aetherian sighting at the beach, Memorial Day Weekend

Early this morning I spied what I believe to be Aetherians.  I caught them on video, on what appears to be a Baldy sabbatical.


Can you tell who their leader is?

More on the Aetherian sighting, praying to Egog, the big mouthed orange cookie monster / packman spawn in the middle of their, flag.


Which Comet are they spotting in the Western Sky at this time of the year  Wink  Rolling Eyes  Question

Looks like they found The Power Point on The Beach!!
Very Happy
Mike P

No, I'm pretty sure they're Kylothians chanting something about the Light of Zartha. Is that Agent K entering screen left?  Surprised

At least they're not beheading chickens and lighting candles in the dry grass, like other groups do in the San Gabriels! Forum Index -> The Pub
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