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Advice on Telescope Peak

A few friends and I are planning on bagging Telescope Peak in Death Valley.  I plan on starting at Shorty's Well, and finishing at a pre set car shuttle at Mohogany Flat.  My question is: Anyone who has done this, or is familiar with DVNP, do you recommend we camp at Furnace Creek?  Or is there a better option?


Re: Advice on Telescope Peak

Furnace Creek would be the easiest legal option for getting to the Well early in the morning.  If it were me, I'd wait until dusk then pull over on West Side Rd near Hanaupah Canyon, grab a quick nap, then start the hike nice and early.  Camping is not allowed on the valley floor but I typically sleep in my truck, and West Side Rd is not highly trafficked...

Telescope is a real nice hike if the weather is right.  Enjoy!
Rick Kent

I concur with Jeff.  You can car camp near Shortys Well.  The catch however is the temperature.  Right now it's still quite warm in the valley even at night (82F). Forum Index -> Other SoCal Ranges
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