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A little humor

A little humor


Who you calling little?  Laughing

It was oddly familiar..

I felt like those white folk when I rode my bike up tp rocky peak last sunday

definitely  not something you see every day

AHHAAHHAHAHAHA That's some good shit. Laughing  Laughing

That's hilarious !!!  They should make a 'black dude on the beach' video next.  Even a 'black dude in Huntington Beach' might work Wink  Wink  Wink

I remember when I was much younger, late teens early 20s, working for the parks department, there was around 15 of us - and when we'd mention a weekend camping trip, the 'black' coworkers would almost always say 'camping, are you crazy, I'm not going out there - all that dirt and bears and sleeping outside!'  Laughing  Laughing

Good one, Alan! Forum Index -> The Pub
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"Their only motive was a great ideal; this was what linked together mountaineers so widely dissimilar in background and so diverse in character."
Maurice Herzog, Annapurna