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5/7 Trip Report - A Cold, Icy Baldy via Old Baldy Trail

Was hoping to get this trip report up sooner than now, but alas, life keeps us busy with other things like work!

This was one fascinating hike.  Under the shroud of extremely dense fog and clouds, we trudged our way up the Old Baldy Trail to the summit of Baldy.  For nearly the entire time spent above 8,000 feet, there was this sort of icy rain blowing about the mountain.  Trees were plastered in wind-blown ice and snow.  Temps felt to be near-freezing on the way up, and when we came across a gentleman dressed in just a t-shirt and shorts, I thought he was asking for trouble.  All in all it was such a memorable hike.  Being tucked away in the clouds like that gave me an even greater sense of isolation from civilization -- something I yearn for on weekends Smile

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Beautiful pictures. Thanks for the report.

Very nice photos. Thanks for sharing them.

Yeah, it looks very cold. A different kind of experience going through clouds like that. Forum Index -> San Gabriels
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