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4 Person tent

So I want to get the whole family out backpacking and Im in the market for a tent. I need a 4 person as the title says, and it will be used for hiking and car camping. I have a half dome 2 and very happy with it and was looking at the half dome 4. got the rei dividend to use from the rei visa and sold a huge 8 person tent that I had no use for. So any experience here in 4 person tents? The weight is shocking on some. Any help would be great. They also have a few in the closeout section from Alps that seem ok, just not sure of the quality.
Ok thanks!

Four people?  You already have a two-person tent, so why not just buy another two-person tent.  That way you have the flexability for a two-person trip or a four person trip.  You're screwed weight-wise if three persons are on the trip whether using 2 two-person tents or one four- person tent; that's life.

wanted 4 person because my girls are 8 and 10, that way we can all be in the same tent.

I agree with the above.  If you already have a 2P tent, it might be a better option to get another 2P tent.

However, I disagree with the weight...there are options out there for a light 4P tent - if you decide to go that route.

Here are some options for a 3P/4P tent: - 4lbs. - 2.6lbs. - 4.6lbs. - 5lbs.

I'm sure there are many other options out there...these are just a few that come to mind.

I did think about getting another 2P tent, but in the end we decided we would be better getting a 4P. The tents you list look interesting, the big agnes seems good for a traditional style tent. And the tarptent Hogback looks cool to. Thanks Forum Index -> Gear & Fitness
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