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On Saturday morning, the original plan was to hike up to Taquitz Pk and to rack up some miles, However the Rangers warned us of a sand storm and closed the trail leading to the Peak. The alternative was to bag some nearby peaks including San Jacinto the easy way. We headed towards Round valley

Passing through the shady trees and beautiful meadows of Round valley

Lillies were in full bloom

A couple of miles from San J peak were some interesting trees.

Before bagging San J Peak, took a detour and headed up a slightly use trail up to Miller Peak 9466'

Enjoying the views from Miller Peak while watching hikers across the way on San Jacinto Peak

San Jacinto Pk

Next stop was Jean Pk 10,670' which we could clearly see in the distance.

The climb to Jean Pk was easy. Found the register hidden under some huge boulder and climbed up for a summit pose.

We then met a man who was descending from Jean Pk and told us that there was a short cut down to the main trail. It was really fun descending down.

I had my eyes on Cornell peak since we started hiking this morning and  I was intrigued by the awesome rock formations seen from the trail. I was very excited that we werre finally on our way to attempt the steep climb of Cornell Peak 9750' on the way back.

We had to descend down then had to climb up again via the Tamarack Vly Trail.

Unfortunately, for the deer he didn't make it to Cornell Peak

A closer look at this beautiful peak from the trail!

I couldn't wait to start climbing!

Trying to negotiate the best approach

Didn't make it to the summit block of Cornell Pk, but to the base of the peak. There was obviously some class 4 involved from a narrow chute that I just couldn't climb up. Probably because I'm short lol, or perhaps  there was another approach from the other side that we were unaware of.

I will definitely go back some day to climb the summit block and do some more research on this awesome Peak!

A sand storm? Is that unusual? Smile

Nice tr!

It might sound unusual but according to the station Rangers there was a sand  storm that came in from Mexico and they closed off the areas to hiking.  Tbey were very concerned about hikers going in that area. I'm sure there was an illegal way of  hiking through but we weren't about to take that chance Wink

Howdy Girlhiker 70  Smile

Wonderful trip report and pictures, thanks so much  Cool I love the San Jacinto wilderness, both on and off trail.

That dust storm was awful. Could barely see Box Springs from Riverside on the day you hiked.

Miles of smiles,
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