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"The Summit" movie

We saw "The Summit" movie today. The subject is the 11 climbers who died on K2 in 2008. It lived up to its reviews and is well worth the effort to see. This film will not be out there long. If you want to see it in a theater, make it soon.

Really?  How interesting!  I hadn't heard about this one and this is the type of movie I would really enjoy.

There was a time when I would "eat up" all the true life documentary type films/stories on Netflix regarding hiking up Everest and then other true stories that I could get my hands on with regard to hiking/climbing.  

I'll have to see this one.  Thanks for the post. Smile

BTW:  Here is a link to the official site so you can see theaters playing it for those interested.  Looks like its in Hollywood and Huntington Beach only right now in our So Cal area, unless I missed seeing more.


Also another movie the same company made based on another true story is live stream right now on Netflix: "Touching the Void".  I saw it a couple years back.  Wow.  Absolutely amazing/unbelievable story.  Documentary- Drama back and forth style.  Very well told.  Fascinating.  Incredible incredible story!

Hope they open our National forests back up soon.

A quote from Aron Ralston is not a selling point for me.

The movie isn't playing in Huntington Beach, but in Irvine at the Regal Theaters/UA University Town Cinema 6 across from UC Irvine on Campus Drive.  I went today, barely anyone in the theater, so go soon if you want to see it.   Decent movie, but I was confused why they put the stuff with Walter Bonatti in the movie; he was caught in an epic storm near the Italian high camp back in 1954, but it really seemed like a distraction from the 2006 event the movie focused on.  I thought 'Touching the Void' was much better done. Forum Index -> General Discussion
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