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Sam Page

"Dark Summit" by Nick Heil

In spring 1996, over ten climbers died in a storm while climbing Mt. Everest, including the accomplished leaders of two commercial expeditions, Rob Hall and Scott Fischer. The story of that terrible season was told, not without controversy, by Jon Krakauer in his best-selling book Into Thin Air. In spring 2006, over ten climbers again died climbing Mt. Everest, but this time in relatively fine weather. Nick Heil explains what went wrong in his book Dark Summit: The True Story of Mt. Everest's Most Controversial Season, published in 2008.

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Just checked it out from the library. . .

Another good book is "Dead Lucky" -- it is Lincoln Hall's own account of his 2006 climb and rescue the day after David Sharp died next to Tsewang Paljor "Green Boots".

Man, you're killing me.
I've read "Into Thin Air" and Bukarev's  (sp?) response book.  (Actually, listened to both of them)
Sometimes I think Krakauer is just a bit too full of himself, but oh well.

I just got a handful of books from the library and now you add another to my list.

Just last nite I watched "Touching the Void".  I've previously read the book.  I don't think the movie but as much on the decsion to cut as I got from the book; but it was decent enough to watch.

Keep it up, I'm always looking for more to listen to or read.
Maybe your blog will score another award.
Sam Page

Thanks Rumpled!  

Mick Fowler is my favorite mountaineering author, but his books are hard to find.  I bought both of his books online from the UK.

Incidentally, I just posted a review of Where the Mountain Casts Its Shadow: The Dark Side of Extreme Adventure by Maria Coffey.  It's a different kind of mountaineering book, but well worth reading. Forum Index -> The Pub
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